Real Wedding: Debra + Bryan

Debra and Bryan’s wedding was held at one of the most beautiful wineries in the eastern suburbs.

I remember back a few months ago, Debra came to my shop and asked me to make a wedding dress for her. She prefered a vintage (blush) pink gown from my range at the store, with  a slightly changed skirt – less poofy! Afterwards, her daughter brought an image of a bridesmaid dress, and wanted the sleeves changed. I made both dresses as well as 2 little bags which are in Scottish tartan to blend in a little Scottish touch.


Debra commented ” Thank you River for making my dream wedding gown and bridesmaid gown for my daughter, we felt beautiful and the compliments on your work were overwhelming”

Seeing them now, they look so happy and she received  so many compliments on her special day.